About me

Larry Lee Tinsley is a fine artist with a graphic art background.   A native Clevelander,  he attended John F. Kennedy High School and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Pittsburg with a degree in Visual Communications.  Tinsley also obtained art training at the Learning Tree University Los Angeles, and in Cleveland at the Cooper School of Art,  the Willoughby School of Fine Arts, The University of Cosmetology,  and Cuyahoga Community College, where he taught as an assistant professor.  One of Tinsley's early achievements as a young portrait artist was being welcomed into the family of the Malcom Brown Art Gallery,  Shaker Heights OH.  His experiences working in Las Vegas NV as a caricature artist for the MGM Grand during the National Pepsi-Cola Convention and as a portrait artist for Circus Circus were some of his most memorable.  Well-known people whom Tinsley has presented his artworks include Jeanette Bradley, former Attorney General of the State of Ohio; Reverend Emmanuel Branch of Antioch Baptist Church, Cleveland OH; also Don King, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Russell Simmons and Nancy Wilson.  Tinsley has completed private commissions for exacting clients.  Whatever his clients have in mind or require, to convey their vision and unique requirements, he has been able to deliver beyond their expectations.   Sought after by a number of institutions and private clients for his teaching ability, Tinsley's latest venue has been entertaining large groups in performance art.  Tinsley is a member of the Gargiulo Art Foundation, Inc.  When not participating in art shows or performing in front of an audience, Tinsley stays busy illustrating children's books and doing his private commissions.

During his childhood, Tinsley used his art as a healing form of expression.  A classmate from his grammar school remembers him as the best artist in the school. Over the years, he has been able to master multiple disciplines of art utilizing a wide variety of medium.  Primarily a fine artist, Tinsley is able to draw as well on the computer as he can freehand.  He has the unique ability to transpose any object or scene that he visualizes or sees in any media... onto paper, canvas, clay or the computer.  Tinsley is also able to reproduce many of the renaissance masters' artwork with unbelievable accuracy.  Acrylic paint is his favorite medium and he most enjoys the art of the surrealist.

Latest news

Larry Lee Tinsley Folk Art, "Plastic Spoons and Folks", environmentally correct art.

The disposal of plastic has been and environmental problem for a number of years.  Tinsley has found a way to contribute something positive to the environment by way of his creative talents.  Tinsley made the idea of recycling plasticware through his art popular in 1998 when he first displayed his plasticware sculptures during an exhibition at his alma mater, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.   From that moment on he has been displaying his creations at numerous galleries and festivals, throughout the country and his work adorns many homes. The process of making these wonderful peices of art is a slow and tedious work.   Tinsley refuses to reveal the total process, but it is partially developed by using a system of candles, needlenose pliers, and a variety of household items.   He can make anything from your personal portrait to animals and many other objects.